Join e-EscapeRoom official®

You can be CLUB, for FREE, any Escape Room or the platform’s Media Partner.

Great advantages

You will belong to a great Escape Room community, with content for the users and great benefits for your Escape Room.

Register your Club

FILL THE FORM to show up as a CLUB in all the Championships we will organize (remember you must first register on the platform).


Besides being part of a great Escape Room community, with content for the users, the Club will generate huge benefit to your room:

  • Registration percentage of each team/player who choses you as their Club (variable depending on the Championship).

  • Cash prizes if one of "your players" wins a Championship or finishes among the best.

  • Points for the NATIONAL e-ESCAPE LEAGUE (NEL) and access to exclusive Championships for Clubs.

  • Cash prizes for the best Clubs in the NATIONAL e-ESCAPE LEAGUE (NEL).

  • Launch your new games with a CHAMPION ESCAPE: if you are going to open a new Escape Room, e-EscapeRoom official® will design an online Stage adapted to the theme of your game. The highest ranked players will be the first ones to play in your Escape Room in the Championship’s Grand Final.

    You will get, without any charge:

    • A new and important source of income: registration’s percentage (variable and with prior signing of conditions).

    • Diffusion of your game in a broad community of Escape Room fans.

    You will only have to request in advance for the development of the online game (6 to 8 months before the opening).

  • • Design or organize you own Online Challenges: if you want to offer online games related to your Escape Room, e-EscapeRoom official® will host them in their platform. You can organize an Live Championship (e-Escape BATTLE or e-Escape CHALLENGE) and/or include your creation in the Online Game catalogue.

    You can also take part in the challenges created by e-EscapeRoom official® (we will inform you if you wish to join the design process).

    You just have to send your proposal to Tell us about your idea and we will put our platform and development at your disposal, always matching the criteria.


You can also do your promotion to "recruit" teams or players, we will give you some advice:

  • Offer discounts for games in your Room if you are chosen as a Club for a Championship.

  • Encourage your followers/users to register in your Club using the promotional materials e-EscapeRoom official® will provide you with, to spread the Championships in your web, social media, your Room, …

  • Take care of "your players": Every time an user chooses you as his Club, you will get an informative email. Don’t forget to deliver the "reward" you had offered.

    e-EscapeRoom official® IS NOT responsable of the promotions or discounts you offer to be chosen as a Club. If you have an user’s claim and you haven’t received the informative mail, let us know through, to be able to verify the registration.

Remember that the more players or teams choose you as a Club, the more registration income, and options to win cash prizes and improving your Rank in the National e-Escape League (NEL) you will get to be able to access future exclusive competitions for Clubs.


  • Each Escape Room and Media Partner of e-EscapeRoom official®. can be a Club for FREE. You only have to fill the FORM you will find in this page (remember you muste be user of the platform). The name of your Club will be: e-YourCompanyName Team (example: e-EscapeHoudini Team, if your company name was "Escape Houdini") and you will be included in the Championships, so the players can chose you as their Club.

  • In each Championship, single player or team, the users will be able to chose a Club from a list when registering. To be part of that list, Register as a Club, filling the FORM you will find in this page (remember you muste be user of the platform).

    Each time a user chooses you as his CLUB, you will get an email with information about his contact.

  • When finishing the REGISTRATION, e-EscapeRoom official® organization will send you the official list with the teams/users that had chosen you as their Club. This will help to estimate the "commission".

    Seize the opportunity to check that you have delivered the "reward" to all your players.

    At the end of each Championship, The organization will send you billing information, it will include the commission for the number of teams that had chosen you as their Club, and the cash prize, if any of "your teams" has won or they ended up among the top ranked.

    Each Championship will have different conditions and prizes.

  • If you are a Club and you wish to stop being one; or you are listed without sending the form and you dont want to be a Club, send us an e-mail at requesting your discharge (pointing out the name of your Room and the identification information needed).