Are you already part of e-EscapeRoom official®?

Winner Team

The registered users will be able To log in in the different e-EscapeRoom official® Championships as a single player or in teams.

The platform will offer challenges for everyone. Your family, friends, work colleagues… Find the best allies and prove you are the best.

If you are already part of the platform: Choose Championship and Club, play and WIN!. Cash prizes and big rewards are waiting for you.


What can I win when I register in a Championship?

Altough as a single player or a team you need to pay a registration fee (except on the e-Escape Challenge) you will get more than what you pay in different ways:

When registering in a Championship (CHAMPION ESCAPE or e-Escape BATTLE), each user gets € 10 discount on a Escape Room Lover Voucher, to play in any of the rooms in Spain , that are part of the guidebook (Not cumulative. Check conditions in the website).

When chosing a Club (Escape Room or Media Partners) you will usually get DISCOUNTS or PROMOTIONS to play in their rooms or enjoy their services.

Equipo ganador

Each Championship (CHAMPION ESCAPE o e-Escape BATTLE) hides great CASH PRIZES for the best in the standings.

Each Championship (CHAMPION ESCAPE o e-Escape BATTLE) hide lots of Treasure Chests, you don’t depend on your position in the standings to get to them. They have GIFT GAMES in the best Escape Rooms, cash prizes, and more surprises. Amongst them you will find the ESCAPE ROOM LOVER PREMIUM TREASURE CHESTS, in the online stage of each tournament, and they include:

  • 1 Voucher for a FREE GAME in the Room you choose from the Guidebook.

  • Extra points in the game.

In each Championship (CHAMPION ESCAPE o e-Escape BATTLE), either as a sigle player or in teams, you GET POINTS FOR THE National e-Escape League (NEL). The top ranked players will be rewarded at the end or the year season with cash prizes, gift games, discounts and more surprises.

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