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The Secret of Verne

BaconCheddar wins the championship "The Secret of Verne"

The 4 members of the team completed Chapter IV with the best score, thus beating the other 19 finalists, who also finish the game with very good times. They are accompanied on the podium by High flights and Meeples. The last of the Premium Escape Room Lover Chests was taken by Escurridizos.

The Secret of Verne

20 brave teams will face the Final of "The Secret of Verne"

Once the Qualifying Stage of the Championship has been completed, 20 finalists will fight for victory on December 13. The rest of the adventurers will be able to continue the game and discover where the mysterious messages that Verne left in his last diary lead them.

The Secret of Verne

The adventurers face the Episode III of "The Secret of Verne"

This episode completes the Qualifying Stage. The 20 teams that got more points in Episode II will fight to keep their position, which would take them to the final. The rest of the teams will try to get some of those precious positions.

The Secret of Verne

"The Secret of Verne", the first great championship of e-EscapeRoom, is about to begin

The competition starts tomorrow, November 15, at 6:00 p.m., with the qualifying stage, which will be played through three chapters of a video game/app for mobile devices. The current situation, with meeting and mobility restrictions, has finally forced the championship to be played entirely online, but it keeps its spirit, preserving the emotion and mystery in all its tasks and giving great importance to teamwork.

The Secret of Verne

"The Secret of Verne" will be played entirely online

Due to the preventive measures that are being taken to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, e-EscapeRoom official® has been forced to modify the characteristics of its first Champion Escape, which will go to a fully online format , which guarantees the participation under equal conditions of all registered teams.

The Secret of Verne

"The Secret of Verne", an Escape Room Graphic Adventure in your hand

The game/app for mobile devices can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. Introduction chapter let you train for the first International Champion Escape. The championship, released by e-EscapeRoom official®, will be played live in the fall with chapters I and II.


You are an e-Escaper, but you don´t know it yet

You were born to be an e-Escaper, and you will find it out by reading this post. You will discover yourself in the following profiles and you will suspect that some great company has sold us your most intimate secrets. Don’t worry, your data is safe with us. If we have could portray you it is because we are like you and we are looking forward to you being part of the e-EscapeRoom official® family.

The Secret of Verne

Escape Room and Graphic Adventure, the perfect combination for an exciting challenge

The International Champion Escape 2020: "The Secret of Verne" brings together in a championship with more than € 40,000 in prizes two leisure proposals which the participating teams will enjoy while completing an important mission: save humanity.

The Secret of Verne

The registration for "The Secret of Verne" is opened

e-Escapers can already sign up for the first Champion Escape. From now to July the 16th, the first 1000 teams in registering have a special price of € 60.

The Secret of Verne

"The Secret of Verne", an Escape Room Championship that offers an amazing adventure

The competition, the first Champion Escape of e-EscapeRoom official®, consists of an Online Stage, which will be played through a video game/App, and a Grand Final in a bespoken escape room for the best four teams. Participants opt for great rewards: more than € 40,000 in prizes, discounts and free games, …

AEVI Asociación Española de Videojuegos (Spanish Videogame Association)

GALIGAMES®, owner of e-EscapeRoom official®, becomes part of AEVI

The Asociación Española de Videojuegos (Videogames Spanish asociation) has admitted the firm, which makes its debut with an international web platform for live online Championships of Escape Room videogames. The opening competition of e-EscapeRoom official® will be played with the first App designed by GaliGames®.

e-EscapeRoom official<sup>®</sup> is born

e-EscapeRoom official® is born, first international platform for live Championships of the game on trend

The new online scene will join the Escape Room fans in the net, they could play and win big cash prizes and plenty of rewards.